Copies of all policies are available free of charge from the school office.

Anti Bullying Policy The Mill June 2021 approved Attendance-Policy-June 2021 FINAL

Children Missing in Education Policy

Behaviour Policy The Mill June 2021

BuildingSecurity June 21

Calculation Policy 2021

eSafety policy 2020

Elective Home Education Policy

Equal Opportuntites Policy

e-Safety-policy-June 21 FINAL

FirstAidPolicy June 2021

Homework Policy.2020

Marking-policy-June 21

Medical Needs Policy 2020

Positive-Handling-Policy-June 21 FINAL

Remote Learning Policy updated

Relationships Education and Health Education Policy

Safeguarding policy The Mill June 2021

 Uniform Policy June 2021






Copies of SMAT policies are available here