Copies of all policies are available free of charge from the school office.

SMAT Acceptable Use Policy

SMAT Admissions Arrangements

SMAT Academies Accessibility Action Plan

SMAT Allegations of abuse against staff

Charging and Remissions Policy

Data Protection Policy July 21

Data Sharing Agreement BMBC TMA – June 2021 (2)

SMAT- ECT Policy November 2021

SMAT Elective Home Education Policy

SMAT Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality Statement Policy and Objectives 21

SMAT Parent Carer Privacy Notices

SMAT Positive Handling Policy

SMAT Academies Accessibility Strategy

SMAT-Assessment-Policy November 21

SMAT-Behaviour Policy Updated Oct 21

SMAT Charging and Remissions Policy

SMAT Child Missing in Education Policy

SMAT Complaints Policy

SMAT-Curriculum Policy November 2021

SMAT Dealing With Abusive Parents Policy

SMAT Exclusions Policy

SMAT Online Safety Policy Oct 2020

SMAT EYFS November 2021

SMAT Health and Safety Policy

SMAT Managing Medical Needs Policy

SMAT NQT Induction Policy

SMAT Prevent Strategy Policy

SMAT-Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy November 2021

SMAT- Special Educational Needs PolicyOct 2021

SMAT Teaching and Learning Policy

SMAT The Public Sector Equality Duty

SMAT Whistleblowing Policy






Copies of School policies are available here