Children’s Leadership Team

At The Mill Academy, we recognise that our children are the leaders of the future and therefore provide a range of opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills. Children’s voice is valued and promoted – each academic year, our children are given a platform to express the views of their school to help shape its development. We encourage all of our pupils to embrace the wide range of opportunities available to them – and always seek to find new ways that we can further empower our pupils. This enables our children to develop as individuals, the school and the community.

We have developed a range of leadership opportunities for our children. For some of our leadership positions, children are elected by their peers through a democratic process. Others require children to apply for posts often requiring a written letter of application providing reasons why they would like the position.

Why do we have a Children’s Leadership Team? 

We believe that by having a Children’s Leadership Team, we believe our pupils have:

  • a safe, happy and fair learning environment;
  • a forum to voice their concerns and act upon them;
  • a structured opportunity to learn problem-solving skills;
  • an opportunity to take an active role in the organisation of the school
  • an opportunity to experience a democratic process

Our CLT should encourage pupils to develop: 

  • a sense of ownership over policy and practice
  • a consensus over school issues such as behaviour
  • a responsibility towards the school community and environment

Our CLT will give pupils the experience of: 

  • planning, organising and monitoring small projects
  • speaking and listening skills
  • debating skills
  • mediation and negotiating skills

We currently have leaders in the following positions:

Student Council representatives 

Collective Worship Ambassadors

Lunchtime ambassadors

Curriculum Champions


Childrens Leadership Application form