The pupil premium is a Government initiative that targets extra money at pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, which research shows, underachieve compared to their peers. The premium is provided to support these pupils in reaching national standards.

Free school meals are used as an indicator for deprivation and a fixed amount of money, per pupil, is deployed to schools and must be used to ‘narrow the attainment gap’ for FSM children.


The Mill Academy’s Governing Body will ensure that provision is made which secures all teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all children. Our priority will be focused on narrowing the attainment gap for those pupils not on track to achieve level 4 at the end of Key Stage 2 in English, Mathematics and Science.


The head teacher will report to the Governing Body each term on

– The progress made towards narrowing the attainment gap across school

– The provision that was made during the term

– An evaluation of cost effectiveness.

Success Criteria

The evaluation of this policy will be based on the tracking of identified target groups of children. Data analysis will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and experiences provided. These interventions and experiences are included in the School Improvement Plan.

– Clear baseline testing data collection and analysis

– Early intervention and support

– Individual targets

– Whole school approach

– The sharing of information with parents

– A positive school culture which recognises pupils’ differences

– A recognition that all children are able to achieve


Any appeal will be dealt with through the Governors appeal system.

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