Welcome to The Mill Academy where children are at the absolute centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves in providing motivational and exciting learning opportunities building self-esteem, confidence and thirst for lifelong learning for pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.

We provide children with a safe and secure environment where trust, value and respect underpin all our work with the children and with each other.

We have high standards and expect the best from all our pupils and ourselves. We instill resilience and perseverance in the pupils at The Mill Academy and believe children have one chance at their education and we aim to give them every chance to fulfill their potentials.

By providing a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children, we are able to recognise and develop individual talents and interests. We see each child as unique and aim to harness and celebrate their talents throughout their time in the school.

At The Mill Academy we aim to develop pupils understanding of 21st century life through developing their understanding of respect and tolerance of all regardless of faiths, races and cultures, identifying and combating discrimination and religious intolerance. We provide a curriculum that provides the children with a platform to develop their understanding of democracy, law and the differences between right and wrong. We strive to develop learners who have self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence and are able to articulate and justify their feelings; hold positions of responsibility and accept responsibility for their own behaviour.