How do we teach reading and spelling at The Mill?

The Mill Academy has a structured, daily phonics programme to get all children reading and writing by six. We use resources from the Read, Write Inc. Phonics programme.

Initial and on-going assessments track every child’s progress. Children are grouped at the right level so that they learn rapidly.

In Nursery all children learn the first 30 sounds in short sessions. Follow the link to see an example of how Phonics is taught:

In Reception all children read story books and non-fiction books closely matched to their developing phonic knowledge. They learn to spell using known sounds. They write confidently by practising what they want to write out loud first. All Reception children have the opportunity to take home Phonics story books to share.

By the end of Year 1 all children are becoming accurate and speedy readers who are confident to sit the Phonics Screening Check. They have the opportunity to take home fiction and non-fiction books to share every day.

Following the Read, Write Inc. Phonics programme children learn the National Curriculum spellings for their year group. All children are grouped for daily Guided Reading sessions. Each child is listened to by an adult in school at least twice a week. With the help of willing volunteers, this is increased in several classes.

The Mill Academy has two well-resourced libraries. We operate the Junior Librarian system so that the children are actively involved in promoting reading. The library is run by our children and they continue to have daily opportunities to choose fiction and non-fiction books to take home and enjoy throughout Key Stage 2.